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Gabie Bustamante & Amy Adams owners of Element 26 Fitness Studio

Gabie Bustamante & Amy Adams


We are just a couple of women who were co-workers that started working out together and decided they wanted to help other women find their own strength, physically and mentally. We wanted to provide a safe, judgment free space, with guidance for those that weren’t comfortable in a traditional gym or just didn’t know where to start. We feel we’ve done that with Element 26 and we just want to keep doing what we love, helping others in their fitness journey.

Makaila Guardiola coach at Element 26 Fitness Studio

Makaila Guardiola


I have always been active, and played sports throughout high school like basketball and running. I am always learning and teaching myself about healthy foods and workouts so that I can pass that along to my clients. I love a variety of workouts, including running, swimming, weight training, cardio, and HIIT.I want to help women not only look their best but also feel their best. I want to help you reach your goals. I want to bring out the power and strength you have not only physically but mentally as well. I want to be your motivator and friend. No matter how big or small of progress you’ve made, I will be there to congratulate you and push you to keep going!

Gabie Bustamante coach at Element 26 Fitness Studio

Gabie Bustamante


I love helping women gain confidence and feel great from the inside out! It’s a beautiful thing getting to watch someone’s health and fitness journey. The only way to reach your goals is to get started right where you’re at! You will learn as you go. Fitness and coaching have helped me overcome many obstacles I let stand in my way and hold me back for years. I am so grateful and humbled by the opportunity given me. I know how hard life can be but I’m here to help you and show you that you will overcome and you can push back and come back better than before. We can stand victoriously together!! There is enough room for us all to be successful.

Amy Adams coach at Element 26 Fitness Studio

Amy Adams


Being a fitness coach is something I never thought I’d be. I didn’t start “working out” until I was like 35. I had always been active, loved playing golf and riding horses, but never really been in a gym or new what to do. But after Gabie introduced me I was hooked. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt and I loved feeling strong. After a few years of working out together we decided we wanted to help others who were lost on what or where to go to find their own strength. And I am so thankful for this opportunity. Seeing other women have success and do something they never thought possible is the best gift a coach could ever ask for.


Brittney Norez


I believe that working on your fitness goals should not feel like a dreadful task.  The benefits of working out are not only physical but mental as well.  I love being able to motivate and help women achieve their goals.  I have always been athletic, but nothing compares to being able to consistently show up for myself and help motivate other women to get their workouts done.  I am 35 years old, I have been married for five years and together we share 3 beautiful children.  With all the chaos in the house I must find a least an hour for myself.  I wanted to share the passion I have for fitness with other women, and I am ready to help you begin your journey.

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